Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hereeee we go!

Hello Blogland!
I decided to start this blog so that I can record my ups and downs of the weightloss rollercoaster as I try to wrestle with my food demons. I've been SO inspired by so many of the other bloggers out there who have shared their journey and I would like to hopefully do the same for others. I struggled with this for so long superficially and have successes here and there but then rebounds and start all over again. I say superficially because I would typically get on some crazy diet and exercise like a maniac and lose weight and feel great but then in a few months (or even a week!) I would be back to square one. So now I'm focusing on what are the underlying issues that cause me to overeat? I feel like unless I answer those questions for myself I will never be free of this cycle.

I have a love hate relationship with exercise lol. I can honestly say I prefer not to exert myself. But I desire to be fit, tight and toned (yeah I know, the dreaded "toned" word but I would much rather the Eva Longoria look than Monica Brant). Therefore, I exercise. I like a variety of things, I'm into kettlebells and body weight exercise at the moment so I'm stickin with that. I'm also gonna aim for 4-5 30-45 min workouts a week. I also looove the endorphon rush I get after I'm done and the sense of accomplishment that I was able to push myself. Before an hour was the minimum for me but now I'm stepping back on the working out so that I can focus more on my relationship with food.

I have a problem with portion control!!! Ugh, I lovvvve, to eat but I need to try to reprogram my mind to enjoy smaller portions lol I like the cook so that's not a issue but anyway, join me on my journey to a healthier me!!

Workout of the day
45 mins of Cathe's LoMax.

Eats, pretty good. I'm gonna focus tonight on not grazing in the kitchen. Trying to create an evening routine that does not include snacking and late night jelly sandwiches.

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